2018 Yamaha Drive2, 48 volt with new 8 volt Trojan batteries with existing HydroLink SPWS & new gravity feed tank, new Bluestone body kit, 19 mph stock DC motor and controller, new headlights, tail lights, & mirror, new 10″ tires & wheels with hubcaps, new fold-down windshield, stone vinyl seats & canopy top in good condition; full service, charger, available at $7,350.

  • Black canopy top, $402
  • Add brake lights, horn, and turn signals, $420
  • Seat belts, lap, $50 per person
  • Seat belts, retractable, pair, $245
  • 4-passenger fold-down rear seat kit, standard, $650
  • 4-passenger fold-down rear seat kit, premium, Made in USA, $900

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