Project Description

2021 Yamaha Drive2, 19.5 MPH, 6.7 hp AC motor with AC controller, 8v Trojan batteries with single-point water system, Independent Rear Suspension, headlight, tail lights, horn, 5-panel mirror, fold-down tinted windshield, stone seats and canopy top, 10” tires & wheels with hubcaps, USB charging port on each side, Delta-Q charger, 4 year limited factory warranty, Graphite matte color, available at $8,945.

  • Brake light and turn signal conversion, $565
  • Seat belts, lap, $35 per person
  • Seat belts, retractable, $225 pair
  • 80” canopy top, $500
  • Golf bag attachment with grab bar, $300

Contact us by phone at 916-652-9078 or by email at to purchase this car.