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Industry-leading Trojan 8-volt batteries are standard in all of our reconditioned models and with a huge selection of metallic paint colors now available, personalizing your Club Car has never been more fun! The Precedent model is extremely reliable and durable, and with the most detailed reconditioning and quality control process in the area, Gilchrist Golf Cars is the only choice when you are looking for the best available used golf car.


Can you add a lift kit to the Club Car Precedent or Tempo?2020-03-14T12:36:03-07:00

Yes, Club Car has a 4” lift kit that they provide that meets their strict quality and safety standards.

Do you offer body kits?2020-03-14T12:35:21-07:00

Yes, our main aftermarket supplier provides the “Alpha” body kit for the Precedent model and color choices are increasing over time.

Are there other colors available?2020-03-14T12:34:39-07:00

Yes, Club Car has many colors available and continues to increase options available over time.

How do I maintain batteries?2020-03-14T12:33:55-07:00

A single-point water system is the best way. Many of our cars for sale have a system included, but it can be added to any lead-acid battery electric car.

How often should I charge my golf cart?2020-03-14T13:07:13-07:00

Charge after every use and charge once per month if left idle for one month straight.

Can I use 14” wheels on my Club Car Precedent?2020-03-14T13:08:09-07:00

Yes, but only if the car is lifted. The maximum diameter wheel that can fit in a standard Club Car Precedent is 12”.

Delivery Available!

Once you find the perfect golf car, how do you get it home or to work? We are here to help and provide delivery throughout most of northern California with our own trucks & trailers. Plus, our delivery team will be able to answer any questions you may have. At Gilchrist Golf Cars, we want your positive experience to begin at our dealership and continue all the way to your front door or work site and into the future.

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