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Drive2 Gallery2023-10-26T22:22:43-07:00

Industry-leading Trojan batteries are standard in all of our Yamaha Drive2 models, and our current inventory of our new golf and utility cars for sale is provided on our Yamaha Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles page.


Which golf cart is the best 4-passenger model for hills?2020-03-14T12:41:35-07:00

Yamaha is clearly the best factory option vehicle. High performance packages can be added to most vehicles, but these increase the cost to a more expensive price than the Yamaha factory specifications.

What seat kit choices are available?2020-03-14T12:40:12-07:00

We offer two rear facing seat kits from aftermarket suppliers to meet most requirements and tastes.

Can you add 14” wheels to a Yamaha?2020-03-14T12:38:01-07:00

Yes, the Yamaha Drive and Drive2 models can take 14” diameter wheels (with the correct tire) without lifting the vehicle.

Is lithium available for new Yamaha models?2023-04-03T02:06:23-07:00

Yes, lithium batteries are available for all Yamaha Drive2 AC PTV models.

Are there other colors available?2020-03-14T12:36:44-07:00

Yes, Yamaha Drive2 colors consist of the latest model year choices and there are a few colors from previous model years along with Special Edition colors that are available.

Can I add a rear seat kit or cargo box to my golf cart?2020-03-14T13:18:36-07:00

Yes, fold-down rear seat kits or cargo boxes are available for almost all makes & models.

Delivery Available!

Once you find the perfect golf car, how do you get it home or to work? We are here to help and provide delivery throughout most of northern California with our own trucks & trailers. Plus, our delivery team will be able to answer any questions you may have. At Gilchrist Golf Cars, we want your positive experience to begin at our dealership and continue all the way to your front door or work site and into the future.

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