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Utility & Transportation Vehicles2023-10-24T02:13:27-07:00

Utility vehicles for cargo hauling or transportation golf carts for passenger moving are available in used, reconditioned, or new models. Cargo box options are available as fixed or tilt bed, and transportation models can be configured in a variety of ways; a rear facing seat option on any vehicle is typically fold-down into a flat bed.  Please call our knowledgeable staff for help determining the right vehicle to fit your application and budget. We have a lot of experience with purchases and rentals in a variety of uses, so we can help!

Below are images of utility & transportation vehicles we have produced in the past. Please visit our Carts for Sale pages if you are looking for in-stock cars.


Do lift kits make golf carts go faster?2020-02-22T12:02:16-08:00

Yes, speed can increase but it takes longer to build up the speed and torque is reduced so hill climbing ability is decreased when lifting an electric golf cart unless you upgrade the performance components.

Can I add a lift kit to my golf cart?2020-02-22T12:01:40-08:00

Yes, there are many choices depending on the golf cart make and model, but keep in mind that your wheels and tires will likely need to be replaced and upgraded to accommodate the lift kit.

How big is the flat bed when a rear seat is folded down?2020-02-22T12:00:56-08:00

Most seat kits are 40”W x 36”L when folded down.

How big is a golf cart rear cargo box?2020-02-22T12:00:24-08:00

Our rear cargo boxes are 41.5″W x 27.5″L x 8″H and our XL boxes are 41.5″W x 36″L x 8″H.

Can I make my car a 4-passenger forward facing?2020-02-22T11:59:50-08:00

Yes, but the chassis will have to be extended if you currently have a 2-passenger cart.

Do rear seat kits fold-down to a flat bed?2020-02-22T11:59:10-08:00

Yes, the seat kits that we offer typically will fold-down into a flat bed.

We can custom design just about anything

We offer our clients the best of the utility golf cart options available, and provide sales, rentals, and service throughout the greater Sacramento Metropolitan Area including Elk Grove, Davis, Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, Yuba City, and Woodland.

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