QuieTech EFI – New Electronic Fuel Injection technology provides a quieter, more fuel-efficient ride.

  • Lowest decibel output of any gas car
  • Smallest carbon footprint
  • Fewest emissions
  • Up to 23% better gas mileage than the competition at 45 MPG
  • Over 261 miles on a single fill-up
Independent Rear Suspension – Industry-first for the smoothest, most comfortable ride on the market
Two USB connections – To help drivers and passengers maintain power and stay charged, built right into the dash.
Automotive Style Dash – Newly designed dash has large, dual-sized cup holders, room for more items like snacks and mobile devices.
Storage Bin with No-Slip Mat – 34% larger to keep more valuables in place. (Glove Box)
Modern Colors – Several new metallic color options are now available with the Drive2.
Windshield – Automotive-inspired polycarbonate windshield provides increased durability and UV protection.
Front Suspension – Fully independent front suspension for maximum comfort.
Occupancy Space – Features additional legroom and the widest bench seats in the industry.
Comfortable Seating – Features the widest, most ergonomic contoured seat.
Lights – Features automotive inspired LED headlights that deliver a 2-3 times wider field of vision than the competition with less drain on your batteries. Tail lights and optional brake lights, turn signals, backlit front logo all LED as well.
Mirror – Gilchrist Golf Cars standard mirror is the popular 5-panel full-view mirror.
Tires – 10” wheels and tires are standard with hubcap choices available.