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Conveniently located in Rocklin, CA, we provide golf cart sales throughout the greater Sacramento area. Our inventory includes new, used or refurbished Yamaha and Club Car golf cars and carts, electric or gas, as well as utility cars for varied needs.  Whether you are looking to purchase a cart for the first time, trade in your golf cart in order to upgrade, Gilchrist Golf Cars is an award winning golf carts company with the experience and inventory to ensure that you get the golf car that you’ve dreamed of.

Yamaha Golf and Utility Cars for Sale

New Yamaha Golf, PTV, and Utility Vehicles

Gilchrist Golf Cars is the authorized Yamaha dealer for the greater Sacramento area. If you are looking for a new golf car, PTV, Concierge transportation or UMAX utility car, our Yamaha line is the easy choice when luxury, performance and value matter. As a full-line authorized dealership for Yamaha, we offer the latest technology and innovation for new golf, transportation, and utility cars. Financing as low as 0% OAC is available year-round on select models.

Used and Reconditioned Golf Carts for Sale

Used & Reconditioned Cars

High quality, reliable, and affordable – those are our goals when preparing and offering any used golf cart for sale. We offer used and reconditioned golf cars to fit most applications and budgets. Our reconditioned cars are an excellent alternative to purchasing a brand new golf car, and as an authorized Yamaha dealership, we offer the best used car financing in the industry: as low as 1.99% for 36 months (OAC) on Club Car, E-Z-GO, or Yamaha models current to 7 years old.

Club Car NEV / LSV Street-Legal Golf Cars for Sale

New Club Car NEV / LSV Street-Legal

Gilchrist Golf Cars is the greater Sacramento authorized dealer for the street-legal Club Car NEV (low speed vehicle / neighborhood electric vehicle). The zero-emissions Villager NEV comes in two models, a 2-passenger and a 4-passenger model with back to back seating. For specific street-legal usage on public streets with posted speed limits 35 mph or lower, our Club Car NEV / LSV model is the answer. Financing as low as 0% OAC is available year-round on select models.

Delivery Available!

Once you find the perfect golf car, how do you get it home or to work? We are here to help and provide delivery throughout most of northern California with our own trucks & trailers. Plus, our delivery team will be able to answer any questions you may have. At Gilchrist Golf Cars, we want your positive experience to begin at our dealership and continue all the way to your front door or work site and into the future.

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Do I need a street-legal car?2020-02-22T11:03:16-08:00

Unless you are in a golf cart or private/gated community, street-legal carts are required to drive on public streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less.

How much are golf carts?2020-02-22T11:02:25-08:00

New golf carts are usually $8,000-$11,000+, and quality used carts are usually $3,000-$5,000+, depending on model year, options, accessories, and battery age.

How long do golf carts last?2020-02-22T11:01:49-08:00

Most of the makes and models that we sell should have a service life of up to 20 years from the manufacture date before needing to be replaced completely. Some of the newer models should be able to last even longer.

Is there a Kelly Blue Book for golf carts?2020-02-22T11:01:01-08:00

There is no Kelly Blue Book. We can provide a trade-in or dealer buy-back price if the serial number or model year is provided along with an image and proof of battery age.

Which golf cart makes and models are the best?2020-02-22T10:59:34-08:00

It depends on the model year but today’s new cars from Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha are all quality cars. The Club Car Precedent & Tempo models and the Yamaha Drive2 AC models are the best used cars that we offer.

Do you need a special outlet to charge golf carts?2020-02-22T10:58:44-08:00

No, a standard 110v outlet is almost always sufficient to charge an electric golf cart, but you do want to limit other draws on the circuit when a charger is operating.

Do chargers come with electric golf cars?2020-02-22T10:58:07-08:00

Yes, all of our electric golf carts for sale come with a charger.

We have the largest rental fleet in the greater Sacramento area!

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