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MadJax XSeries Gallery2023-10-30T18:27:35-07:00

All 2024 XSeries models include Eco lithium batteries, brushless 6.7 hp AC motor & 400 amp controller, and 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. This is the most innovative golf car yet with many of the popular upgrades as standard equipment!  Our current inventory is available for viewing our test drive at our Rocklin location.  You can also customize and build your own XSeries.


What is the XSeries frame made of?2023-04-03T02:53:40-07:00

A rust-free, hot dipped galvanized steel frame provides superior corrosion protection vs. other coating options.

What type of charger does XSeries utilize?2023-04-03T02:52:59-07:00

The lithium models come standard with a Reliance on-board charger.

Will replacement parts be available?2023-04-03T02:52:05-07:00

Yes, the XSeries model is manufactured by Nivel / MadJax which has a very strong US based tech, manufacturing, and distribution network.

What type of braking does the XSeries have?2023-04-03T02:51:26-07:00

Standard equipment includes an electromagnetic parking brake and hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes.

Do XSeries models come with a warranty?2023-04-03T02:50:36-07:00

Yes, 3-year bumper to bumper parts & labor, and a 4-year replacement plus 4-year prorated (8-year total) Reliance lithium battery warranty.

Delivery Available!

Once you find the perfect golf car, how do you get it home or to work? We are here to help and provide delivery throughout most of northern California with our own trucks & trailers. Plus, our delivery team will be able to answer any questions you may have. At Gilchrist Golf Cars, we want your positive experience to begin at our dealership and continue all the way to your front door or work site and into the future.

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